Saturday, November 08, 2008

Still Up...

Can't believe it's so late again but I can't sleep yet! maybe it's the sound of the men laying next to me who never slept a minute at his men's retreat :) I kid you not I hear him through the vents and I'm downstairs, maybe I'll just leave him the whole bed tonight :) I'm also feeling extremely grateful tonight and just happy. I feel thankful for my almost teenage daughter's friend who is here for a sleepover who just called and ask if she could come to church with us :) I mean does life get any better than this. Thankful for a busy crazy week-end at work but the opportunity to be with people and see how God can use me. Thankful for my two boys snuggled in bed together and the blessing that God provided Jake with HIS brother!
Thankful for a warm home, full of good food, warm fireplace, the incredible amount of material things that we have. Thankful for friends who drop off " 7" pairs of brand name shoes for my little ones and " brand new"

I'm so grateful to be looking forward to an other wonderful Christmas with my family and that I love them so much, A lot of people can't even stand Christmas music just because of all the bad memories it brings, I Chatted with a girl at work who seems so lonely and is just honest with the fact that she has nobody.

My heart is FULL and I am guilty of often forgetting the daily blessings but some days there are so many to count that I feel like it's Christmas morning and I've just opened too many wonderful gift from God.

I'm getting ready to go see my little sister Monday and needless to say that also has me very happy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where has October gone?

Life is good, busy and full of blessings. My family just came over for 4 great days and I always feel like I don't get to see enough of them, probably because I don't :( I see them 3 times a year if I'm lucky. We're back in the routine of school, piano, hockey, youth group and even eating more together since it's getting darker. We've been really bad at sitting down together in the past year, using our counter as family space but it's getting old and I was ready for a change. Last week I was shopping in the classified adds for dining room sets and found this older guy 15 min from here selling his mom's old Teak set large table "6" chairs so it's been a huge source of excitement here at our home. It still has the yellowish-greenish fabric on the chair that I love but we'll need to clean it up. So we'll be enjoying the rest of October and trying to spend more time eating together, and taking in the rest of the fall before it's time to make a Christmas list.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I took this picture on a really hot day this summer when I was inside cleaning dwelling on all the wrong things like my very small or the lack of a backyard, the fact that all I had that day for the kids was Joe's baby pool to splash in and all those things that were making me a very sad mommy and then I took a look at Emma outside :) so much to be thankful for.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Long Day!

After a long day at day camp my baby was very tired and dirty :) I had lots of plans to make the most out of these 3 wonderful days but I decided to change my plans and enjoy a bit of that time instead of the intense heavy duty fall cleaning I had planned. Hubby was really busy and had a lot on his mind so we are putting off the painting until later on this fall. So I've done a little bit of this a little bit of that enjoyed some coffee with the girls, lunch with hubby, a bit of shopping, trying to organize the fall a bit. It has been really nice to have a break from the busyness. We are the neighborhood party house and although it's wonderful to have so many friends and action, the break was equally nice. We're enjoying these last couple of days of sunshine and trying to get ready for school! And hopefully an other day or 2 at the beach.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taking it in...

We're alive and well. Enjoying summer to the max. We spent a week at a cottage that was givin to us for free, incredible blessing and we're getting ready to go spend a week with my wonderful little sister and her boys and then a week with Mamie and Papie in Qu├ębec. We've been going to bed really late and enjoying our lazy mornings. I love summer. The fall is approaching soon enough with too much to think about so we're just focusing on now and having lots of good times together and with family and friends

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One on One

If I don't blog about the clouds it's about my kids, I promise I might put a recipe in there sometime :) Today Jakob had a dentist appointment so I picked him up from school he was really scared It's funny even at 10 how much he wanted to smooch on the dentist chair, he was crying a bit and really scared so it felt like he was just my baby still, the dentist kicked me out " OK MOM" he said he's a big boy !!! but I just wanted to keep kissing my jake and say "you will be OK" I think I needed him to need me. He so big and independent. We had a great chat on the way back where in a nutshell I found out he wanted to be 1. A pastor 2. A singer and 3. a cartoonist he changes his mind a lot so it's always fun to see where he's at. So I guess the $Dollar store owner goals have been changed :) I had such great hopes...

He also will marry a darkish-blondish girl (that covers all of them) he might have 1 or 2 or 3 kids :) he will drive a 4by4 "OR" a minivan. He also will live a town away but probably more like a street, actually even couple houses down and will visit at least 10 times a week :)( I've tough the boy well). He wasn't sure about want kind of activities he would like to do with his wife because "MOM" the stores might change by then. And he'll marry a MEDIUM size women :) So his life is looking good.

Friday, May 23, 2008

More funnies...

Tonight Joe was so tired by 5:00 he was ready for bed after a nice day, biking, playing with his friend and at the park so he was dirty, tired and EMOTIONAL. Because we have no fence yet we are all "very" close to each other with not much privacy, so Joe saw the little girl next door, playing and started to almost hyper ventilate "MOM" "MOM" my girl is outside, my girl is there I need to go play with her, but soon realized he was going to bed not outside so then proceeded to cry and cry deep wounded tears as he kept saying my girl is outside she wants to play. Of course the kids thought it was too funny and kept asking is that "YOUR" girl Joe? Just to have him answer in more tears my girl, see, my girl waiting for me :) I will miss these moments.

I'm looking forward to a quiet Saturday doing stuff around the house. I might even hit a yard sale or two. Hope you all have a great time with your families.